When car repair company says “No” to me, I go online and cancel my car repair order

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Car repair company “No to Car Repair” has been doing business in Merida, Arizona for almost a decade.

Their website says they can do any car repair you can imagine, and they even offer an in-person appointment.

But when I called them last week to see what was happening, I was met with silence and no response.

“I don’t know,” one of their employees told me when I asked her what was wrong.

“It’s just not a good feeling to be called a liar,” another of their managers told me.

I called back and asked why they had been so adamant that they didn’t want me to buy their products.

“No,” the manager said, before explaining that she had never had a customer ask her to cancel their car repair, and that she never intended to do so.

“What I’m trying to do is provide a better customer experience for my customers,” she said.

“We’ve worked with customers before, and we’ve never had that issue.”

I asked why she thought that people should be asked to cancel a car repair.

“If it’s not working properly,” she responded, “you have to look at the car and see if there’s something wrong.”

“I can’t really go into detail because I have to talk to the customer,” the customer told me in Spanish.

I asked what he was doing wrong.

He told me that he was having a bad day.

I also asked if he could provide a list of the cars he was repairing and if he had a breakdown.

“There’s not enough time,” he said.

He then told me to email them at carrepair.com, and I was able to get my car fixed within about two days.

I’ve been a customer for almost three years, and it’s been a great experience.

“They’re not a bad company,” the employee who answered the phone told me, “but they’re not the best.”

The customer I spoke to told me he was a mechanic and had been in the business for two years, but his car had started to break down in the winter and he was starting to worry.

“My wife is pregnant, and my wife and I are getting married in May,” he told me of the couple.

“The car has been in our driveway for over a month now.”

When he went to call them, they refused to give him the repair he wanted, instead telling him to go ahead and pay the repair company for his car.

He eventually did, and then the repair manager who worked with him said that the car repair they had done was for his wife’s car, and if his wife wanted it repaired, she should call them.

But he did not.

After speaking with the customer and asking him why he was not getting his car fixed, I called Car Repair and left a message with their representative, asking if he wanted to see the car for himself.

I got no response, and a week later I called again to cancel my order and cancel his car repair again.

I had a good experience with the company, but I was disappointed that they had decided to lie to me and not offer me the repair that I was expecting.

I would definitely consider other repair companies.

I’d like to know what else Car Repair is doing that makes their customers feel like they can’t trust them.

“That is the main reason I do not recommend them,” the former customer told Mashable.

“This is the only company that is willing to lie and mislead customers,” another employee told me over the phone.

“Most of them are just people who are not very good at customer service.”

I called a number of Car Repair representatives and emailed them directly, but all of them had no answers to my questions.

I’m not sure what the company does with their customers’ cars when they’re sold, but the employee I spoke with told me they could either give them back or just dispose of them.

The employee I called told me there was a new car being sold, and when I spoke directly to them, I said that I would not want my car repaired if I were to have it repaired by a Car Repair representative.

I have been in contact with the dealership multiple times since the incident and haven’t heard back.

I will continue to call the company to ask for answers, but for now, I am not calling because I think the company lied to me.

The Car Repair employee I contacted had been with Car Repair for about two years and was working on a new project.

She told me the company did not want to talk about their business because it would put them in legal trouble.

“As a business, we are not allowed to talk,” she told me during our conversation.

“So we don’t want to do it.”

I contacted the company through Facebook, and the manager I spoke the customer with told Mashup they

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