You can now save money on car repairs with Car Repair Marketing

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A car repair brand that has helped thousands of people save thousands of pounds, with an app that lets you track how much you are paying, is giving away a free version of its new car insurance app.

The app, which costs £1.99, lets users see how much they are paying for the new, fully insured car they are trying to buy and compare it with the car insurance they already have.

Car Repair Marketing, which was founded in 2015, has been giving away the free version since the beginning of August, but now has raised more than £2.7m in its first four weeks.

The company says the app has helped over 1.2 million customers save £1,200 or more each month on their cars, including over £1m for a one-off car repair, and over £400,000 on a full insurance cover.

Car repair marketing says it has helped more than 600,000 people in the UK save £50,000 each month through the app since it was launched.

A spokesperson said: “We are very proud of the success we’ve seen so far.

We are thrilled to be able to offer this service free to our loyal users.”

The app allows users to see how many miles they are saving on their car insurance as well as how much it is costing to repair it.

Users can also compare the cost of repairs, and compare costs for various vehicle models and vehicles.

The spokesperson said the app was designed for those with limited time to spend on car insurance.

They said: ‘If you need help deciding between car insurance and repairs, this app will give you the tools you need to make an informed decision.’

The app will show you how much insurance you are buying, the cost and the benefits of a vehicle and also offer you an insight into how much money you can save.’

It will help you decide how much to spend to repair your car if it has been damaged in an accident.’

The app is available on Google Play and iOS.

Car insurance, which is now a third of all personal loans, is still the third most popular personal finance product after credit cards and mortgages.

It is the second largest consumer product category behind credit cards, according to data from credit card company Experian.

The cost of car insurance is often heavily influenced by a number of factors, including how much income you earn, how much of a deposit you have, whether you have an auto loan or if you are on a job.

Car repairs can be expensive.

According to the US National Insurance Institute, car repairs are the second-costliest form of personal finance after credit card payments, with a median cost of £1 per mile for a single repair.

A study by the American Automobile Association showed the average cost of a repair for a car is £6,000.

The UK car insurance market has been growing at a slower rate than the US.

It is estimated that the number of insurance policies on the market rose by about 30% last year.

The latest figures from the Insurance Compensation Commission (ICO) show that more than 7.1 million people in England, Wales and Scotland received an insurance premium in 2017.

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