Volvo car parts repair company gets $4.2M federal grant

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A veteran automotive parts repair shop in Virginia is getting a $4 million federal grant to expand its operations and create new jobs.

The Virginia Center for Business Innovation and Excellence (VCBIE) is part of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and it is seeking a $5 million grant to build its new facility, a car shop called The Repair Center in Newport News.

“This grant will help us continue to provide service to our customers,” said Steve Miller, VCBIE president and CEO.

“This grant gives us the opportunity to build a stronger and more efficient operations and bring in new talent to the region.

This facility will help expand our services to more of our customers and our workforce.”VA-based V-Stations is also applying for the federal grant.”

The Center is very pleased to receive this grant and to be a part of this effort to increase our operations,” said John C. Williams, vice president of marketing and sales for V-STations, in a statement.

“It is important to our industry that our people, our customers, and our communities have the best equipment and services possible to protect them.”

The Center has previously been awarded grants to help expand its business.

In 2015, it received $3.4 million in federal funds to open a new facility in New York City and hire a new sales rep.

It has also received a $2.4 billion loan guarantee for the construction of its second facility in Columbus, Ohio.

“These grants are a testament to our dedication to helping people get the right service for their cars and trucks,” Miller said.

“The V-Street program is an example of what we can do when we work together with partners in government, industry, and academia to improve the safety and security of our communities.”

The VA Center for Automotive Repair, which was founded in 2003, also has other projects in other parts of the country.

It is also in the process of opening a new repair shop near the headquarters of the University of Virginia.

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