How to fix a car crash

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Cars, trucks and buses that are too big and heavy can break down in extreme heat, a condition known as heatstroke, and when the cars are hit with too much force they can damage or even kill occupants, according to a new study.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that there are more than 4.5 million heatstroke cases in the U.S. annually.

The CDC estimates that one person dies from heatstroke each day.

A heatstroke can cause the body to lose heat and cause the heart rate to drop to more than 80 percent of its maximum value.

“It’s like driving a vehicle in the desert, with too little air in the tires,” said Dr. Stephen K. Anderson, the director of the Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic.

“The car just doesn’t have enough air to go around and that’s where heatstroke comes in.”

Heatstroke can happen when a car is pushed hard into a hard-to-control environment, such as a sandstorm or a storm drain.

Heatstroke is caused by the combination of excessive heat and the release of too much heat.

It can be severe enough to cause severe injury to the body or death, according a recent CDC report.

If the vehicle is not properly maintained, heatstroke will occur when the tires are not inflated properly.

If that’s not possible, the heat can burn through the body and cause internal bleeding, internal or external burns and sometimes even death.

The report notes that heatstroke is a serious condition that requires immediate medical attention.

“Heatstroke is the most dangerous occupational injury and can cause severe physical and mental impairment,” the report says.

The problem is particularly prevalent in the aging and poor population.

The study, published online in the medical journal The Lancet, analyzed data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which tracks crashes involving vehicle occupants and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Heatwave conditions are more common in vehicles with a gross weight of more than 10,000 pounds.

The number of heatstroke deaths increased by 4 percent between 2010 and 2014.

The average person dies of heat stroke every year in the United States, according the report.

In addition to heatstroke being the leading cause of death, the CDC found that people with chronic diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, were also more likely to be injured in a heatwave than others.

The most common cause of heatwave-related injuries is heatstroke-related falls, according, according.

The rate of heat exhaustion and heatstroke fatalities increased significantly over the period of the study, the report said.

“Our analysis indicates that heat stressors, such a sand storm, can be catastrophic for occupants of vehicles,” Dr. Anderson said.

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