The ‘tangerine’ Porsche that saved a family from a tragedy

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A car that had been lost and stolen for more than a year, was found in a parking lot in Rockville, Maryland.

The car had been abandoned for more years than it was taken.

The car’s owner, Tarkov Car Repair, was out of town and hadn’t heard from the family since the end of March.

They were devastated.

“It’s just heartbreaking,” Tarkos said.

They had driven around the area a lot, and they thought they had a pretty good idea where the car was.

They had checked the local news to see if it had been reported stolen.

But it wasn’t.

The family had driven there in their car, and when they came back to pick up the car, it was missing.

“It was like a lost child,” Tarks said.

“They found the car in the parking lot, in a lot that was empty, and there was nothing there.”

They went out to check it out and saw it was still there.

“There was no trace of the car,” he said.

“We went back in the morning and looked for it and the car had disappeared.”

The family said it was the second time they had been carjacked in two years.

As the story goes, Tarks had left his car at home and was returning home when he found it.

He called the police and asked if they could take it for a tow.

They took the car to a local garage and towed it to the car wash.

After that, TARKOV CAR REPAIR contacted the local police, who contacted the FBI.

On April 12, TARSEN CAR WORKS was contacted.

FBI Special Agent in Charge Aaron Koehn contacted the family.

When he saw the story on the ABC News website, he called TARKS CAR REPARTS, and he asked if he could take the car for a check.

Koehn said the FBI had received an “information that there may be a vehicle in the area” and asked the car’s owners if they wanted to come forward and report the vehicle.

Then the family took the report to the local sheriff’s department.

And when the sheriff’s officer arrived, the car went missing.

TARKOV CART SERVICE was contacted, and on Friday, April 14, a search warrant was executed at the car.

According to investigators, the vehicle was registered to an “unknown” man, and the owner of the vehicle did not return the car after he left.

Investigators are hoping to find the owner and get the car back.

There were also “significant” scratches on the vehicle, including a large “t” on the front bumper, and an “S” on one of the windows.

This is a developing story.

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