What the cars are worth in the big city

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Williamsburg, CA — (AP) A car repair shop that once provided parts to the famous Grateful Dead has turned to Craigslist to try and attract customers.

The company has started offering car repairs in a new location on South Lake Tahoe, which is just a few miles from the band’s home in Santa Fe.

The offer is open to car buyers who have the money to pay a fee.

“We are offering our services for $25.00 an hour,” owner Jeff Schloss said.

“We’ll be accepting bids on your car and we’ll be getting your car to you in one or two business days.

You have to have the proper paperwork.

We have all the required paperwork.”

The store has had customers from all over the country, but has been the first to accept car repairs at its new location.

That’s a testament to the popularity of the band.

Last year, the band sold nearly 200,000 records, and it was one of the most-listed bands on the site.

The shop has a lot of regulars.

There’s a big tattoo parlor with neon lights and a big display case of old gear, including a Harley Davidson motorcycle, a Porsche 911, a BMW and an Audi.

The car repair service started in 2014 when the owners, David and Lisa Krumholz, had a bad experience at a car dealership.

“The dealership had just closed, so they had a huge amount of stuff left behind and it just kind of ruined it for us,” Lisa Krauss told ABC News.

The Krumsellys started looking for a car repair business online, and they settled on Craigslist, where the site has become a haven for car owners looking for repairs.

“It was a huge learning experience,” Lisa said.

The business started selling about a dozen cars a week in April.

Lisa Kral said the business grew to about 20 people a week by the end of August, and the Krumhols even had a couple more customers.

“People came in to get their car fixed and they wanted to make sure that their car was ready for the service,” Lisa told ABC.

The store is currently offering a $1,000 deposit on a new car, and a $200 fee for the first car.

“I think it’s pretty neat,” Lisa added.

“I love getting a car repaired.”

The business also offers a $500 gift certificate for customers to go to an auto show or event.

“In the future, we will be offering car parts for free,” Jeff Schlossel said.

“At the end, we have some pretty cool products, so we really appreciate the support.”

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