Is your car going to need to be replaced?

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The National Automobile Dealers Association is calling for a nationwide recall of new and used vehicles to prevent more accidents.

In a statement, NADA says the cars in the recall are made up of many different models and many of them are more than three years old.

It says the recall could be implemented at any time.

“If the vehicles were to be recalled, there is a risk that they could be recalled without adequate information and safety,” said David Pritchard, NDA’s vice president of communications.

“There is no evidence that this issue has been linked to the current or prior recall of the vehicles.”

The association’s call comes as a new study shows the vast majority of drivers do not know their cars have brakes that can shut down.NADA says a study of more than 2,000 U.S. drivers found only a tiny fraction of drivers knew they had a safety defect that could shut down a car.

The study found that while just under a quarter of drivers say they know their brakes can shut off at least partially, that number rises to nearly a third for those who say they are aware of a safety hazard.

“I don’t think we need a recall of every car on the road.

I think it is best to educate people on the proper use of their brakes,” said Pritborough.

“This is a very complicated and nuanced issue, and it is up to the states to decide how best to respond.”

Read moreThe National Automotive Dealers Assn.

says the NADA study was conducted by the research firm Accuvant, which said it is “not a scientific analysis” and does not represent NADA.

“This report is based on a number of assumptions, such as the availability of information, the speed of the cars, the vehicles’ manufacturer, and the time since the recall was announced,” said a statement from Accuption.

“The results of this study show that this information is not sufficient to adequately inform consumers about the safety of their vehicles.”

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