The best and worst parts of the 2015 Subaru WRX STI

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If you’re a hardcore Subaru fan, you’ve probably already figured out that it’s not as easy as just swapping out your entire ride.

The WRX, which debuted in the U.S. in 2002, is not one to get too carried away with, but you can easily see the flaws with the WRX.

We’ve already talked about the fact that the STI has more than 1,600 pounds of weight and a very heavy roof.

But even without the extra weight, the STIs overall ride is actually much better than the STs of the same era.

The STIs front suspension has the stiffest in the lineup and it’s also the one with the most aggressive ride.

In terms of comfort, the WR is surprisingly good.

You get the same suspension as a standard WR, but it has less ride and less roll, which is actually a good thing because the WR gets plenty of roll.

We also like the WRs ride comfort.

It’s light enough that you can get on and off the highway without needing to adjust your seat height, and the steering is good, too.

All of this adds up to a solid, comfortable ride that’s not too bad to begin with.

Unfortunately, the car’s suspension is so stiff that you won’t be able to adjust the suspension without making a ton of changes.

But, in the right hands, you can definitely have a fun ride.

Subaru doesn’t offer a way to change the suspension on a WR, so you have to buy a WR Sport to change things up.

But for the most part, the suspension changes aren’t too bad.

The suspension doesn’t have a lot of adjustment, but the car does have a way for you to adjust it without the need for a whole new car.

For the most parts, the Subaru WR Sport is the best suspension on the market.

The only thing you might want to change is the ride height, which the WR doesn’t include.

The reason for that is that the suspension has a very aggressive ride that you’ll want to adjust.

But the WR Sport suspension is definitely one of the more comfortable suspension options.

That said, the way the suspension works is really weird.

The front suspension goes in a slightly different direction than the rear, which gives the car an even more aggressive ride, but also makes the rear more forgiving.

The way the WR Suspension is configured makes it really hard to get a perfect ride without a whole bunch of changes, and it also makes it hard to find the perfect balance between stability and ride comfort in the WR.

The car starts out a little too stiff, which you can tweak to get the right balance.

Then, you have the front suspension.

The rear is a little stiff, too, which can make for a very bumpy ride, even though the front doesn’t get quite as aggressive as the rear.

In general, the front is the most forgiving.

So you can adjust the front, and you can even adjust the rear for a slightly more aggressive drive.

But if you go all the way to the suspension, the difference between the two suspension models is really pronounced.

The best suspension for the WR?

Well, that depends.

The new WR Sport offers a little more in the way of ride comfort, but only slightly more than the old WR Sport.

The 2015 Subaru STI, on the other hand, is a pretty solid suspension, but one that’s just as fun to drive as the new WR.

And the STi also offers the best of both worlds.

The wheels are lightweight, but they’re not quite as light as the old wheels.

The tires are also very good, and they give you some grip when you’re going fast.

But because of its stiff ride, you’ll need to tweak the suspension for a better ride.

You can also adjust the wheelbase, but that’s really not necessary.

The biggest downside to the ST is that it doesn’t make it easy to change your ride height.

There are three different modes to change that: you can either use a carabiner or the seat itself.

The seat itself can be adjusted to fit your height, but there are a couple of issues.

The first is that if you’re using a carabeel, the seat will be very close to the carabeels body, which makes it difficult to adjust for a more comfortable ride.

There’s also a carabed seat, which comes with a lot more stability and is very comfortable to ride.

If you want to take your ride more to the extreme, the new STi can accommodate both a carabreel and seat, so if you want that kind of ride, this is the right choice.

But you’ll have to find a seat that’s comfortable for you and that fits the WR’s dimensions.

If the seat is too tall, you may have to add more cushioning to compensate.

We don’t recommend this seat.

It isn’t that big of a deal, but a lot is going on

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